Miller and Miller are able to supply both branded and generic pharmaceuticals, some examples of which are listed in the alphabetised tabs below. If you cannot find the particular pharmaceutical you require, please complete the enquiry form on the ‘Contact’ page or give us a call as we are usually able to source most of our customers requirements.

Acetylcysteine AMP 200mg/ml 10ml
Aciclovir CREAM 5% 2g
Aciclovir Tabs 200mg
Aciclovir Tabs 400mg
Aciclovir Tabs 800mg
Adrenaline BP AMP (1:1000) 0.5ml
Adrenaline BP AMP (1:1000) 1ml
Adrenaline BP AMP (1:1000) 5ml
Adrenaline BP AMP 1:10000 10ml
Adrenaline Injection AMP (1:1000)1ml
Adrenaline(Epinephrine) AMP 1mg/10ml (1:10,000) 10ml
Adrenaline(Epinephrine) PFS 1mg/10ml (1:10,000) 10ml
Adrenaline(Epinephrine)Anaphylaxis PFS 1mg/10ml (1:1000) 1ml
Adrenaline(Epinephrine)Paediatric PFS 100mcg/1ml(1:10000) 1ml
Adrenaline(Epinephrine)Paediatric PFS 1mg/10ml (1:1000) 1ml
Alendronic Acid Tabs 10mg
Alendronic Acid Tabs 70mg
Alfacalcidol CAPSULES 0.5mcg
Alfacalcidol CAPSULES 1.0mcg
Alfentanil AMP 0.5mg/ml 10ml
Alfentanil AMP 0.5mg/ml 2ml
Allopurinol Tabs 100mg
Allopurinol Tabs 300mg
Aminophylline Injection AMP 25mg/ml 10ml
Amiodarone PFS 300mg/10ml 10ml
Amiodarone TABLETS 100mg
Amiodarone TABLETS 200mg
Amitriptyline TABLETS 10mg
Amitriptyline TABLETS 25mg
Amitriptyline TABLETS 50mg
Amlodipine Maleate Tabs 10mg
Amlodipine Maleate Tabs 5mg
Amobarbital Injection
Amobarbital SODIUM injection
Amoxicillin Caps 250mg
Amoxicillin Caps 500mg
Amoxicillin Syrup 125mg/5ml SF
Amoxicillin SYRUP 250mg/5ml 100ml
Amoxicillin Syrup 250mg/5ml SF
Aqueous Cream 500G BP
Aspirin Disp Tabs 300mg
Aspirin Disp Tabs 75mg
Aspirin SUPPOSITORY 150mg 10
Aspirin SUPPOSITORY 300mg 10
Atenolol Tabs 100mg
Atenolol Tabs 25mg
Atenolol Tabs 50mg
Atracurium Besilate Injection AMP 10mg/ml 2.5ml
Atracurium Besilate Injection AMP 10mg/ml 5ml
Atropine Sulphate BP AMP 1.25mg/ml 1ml
Atropine Sulphate BP AMP 1mg/ml 1ml
Atropine Sulphate BP AMP 400mcg/ml 1ml
Atropine Sulphate BP AMP 600mcg/ml 1ml
Atropine Sulphate BP Eye Ointment 1%w/v 3g
Atropine Sulphate PFS 3mg/10ml 10ml
Atropine Sulphate PFS 600mcg 5ml
Atropine Sulphate PFS 600mcg/ml 1ml
Azathioprine TABLETS 25mg
Azathioprine TABLETS 50mg

Baclofen ORAL SOLUTION 5mg/5ml 300ml
Baclofen TABLETS 10mg
Beclometasone Inhaler 100mcg
Beclometasone Inhaler 250mcg
Beclometasone Inhaler 50mcg
Bendroflumethiazide TABLETS 2.5mg
Bendroflumethiazide TABLETS 5mg
Betahistine 8mg tabs
Betahistine Tabs 16mg
Betamethasone Valerate 0.1% cream 30g
Bismusth Subgallate Co. BP SUPPOSITORY 12

Cabergoline TABLETS 0.5mg
Caffeine Citrate 50mg/2ml ampoules
Caffeine Oral sol 100mg/5ml
Caffeine Solution for Injection AMP 5mg/ml 1ml
Calamine Lotion
Calcium & ergocalciferol tabs
Calcium 500™ TABLET 100
Calcium Chloride AMP 10mmol 10ml
Calcium Chloride AMP 2.5mmol 5ml
Calcium Chloride AMP 5mmol 10ml
Calcium Chloride AMP 5mmol 5ml
Calcium Chloride Intravenous Concentrate PFS 100mg/1ml(10%) 10ml
Calcium Folinate 15mg TABLETS
Calcium Gluconate Injection AMP 10% 10ml
Cardioplegia Infusion Concentrate AMP 20ml
Carvedilol TABLETS 12.5mg
Carvedilol TABLETS 25mg
Carvedilol TABLETS 3.125mg
Cetirizine Tabs 10mg
Chloramphenicol BP EAR DROP 0.5%w/v 10ml
Chloramphenicol BP EAR DROP 10%w/v 10ml
Chloramphenicol BP EAR DROP 5%w/v 10ml
Chloramphenicol BP EYE OINTMENT 1%w/w 4g
Chlorphenamine Tabs 4mg
Chlorpromazine tablets 100mg
Chlorpromazine TABLETS 25mg
Chlorpromazine tablets 50mg
Cinnarizine TABLETS 15mg
Ciprofloxacin Tabs 250mg
Ciprofloxacin Tabs 500mg
Ciprofloxacin Tabs 750mg
Citalopram Tabs 10mg
Citalopram Tabs 20mg
Citalopram Tabs 40mg
Clarithromycin TABLETS 250mg
Clarithromycin TABLETS 500mg
Clomipramine Caps 25mg
Clotrimazole Cream 1%
Clotrimazole Vaginal TABLET 500mg
Clove Oil 10ml
Co_amilofruse 5/40mg tabs
Co-Amilozide TABLETS 5/50mg
Co-Amoxiclav SYRUP 125/31mg 100ml
Co-Amoxiclav SYRUP 250/62mg 100ml
Co-Amoxiclav TABLETS 250/125mg
Co-Amoxiclav TABLETS 500/125mg
Co-Codamol Caps 30/500mg
Co-Codamol Caps 8/500mg
Co-Codamol Tabs Eff 8/500mg
Co-Cyprindiol Tabs 200/35mg
Codeine Phosphate BP AMP 60mg/ml 1ml
Codeine Phosphate TABLETS 15mg
Codeine Phosphate TABLETS 30mg
Codeine Phosphate TABLETS 60mg
Co-Dydramol Tabs 10/500mg
Colchicine 500mcg Tablets
Cyclobenzaprine Hcl 10mg tabs
Cyclobenzaprine Hcl 5mg tabs
Cyproterone Acetate Tabs 50mg

Dapsone 100mg tabs
Dapsone 50mg tabs
Diamorphine 5mg inj
Diamorphine TABLET 10mg 100
Diazepam Injection AMP 5mg/ml 2ml
Diazepam TABLETS 5mg
Diazepam Tabs 10mg
Diazepam Tabs 2mg
Diazepam Tabs 5mg
Digoxin Tabs 250mcg
Digoxin Tabs 62.5mcg
Dihydrocodeine Injection BP AMP 50mg/ml 1ml
Dihydrocodeine TABLETS 30mg
Dipyridamole TABLETS 75mg
Dobutamine Hyd Concentrate 5mg/ml 50ml VIAL
Dobutamine Hyd. Concentrate 250mg  20ml
Domperidone TABLETS 10mg
Dopamine AMP 160mg/ml 5ml
Dopamine AMP 40mg/ml 5ml
Dosulepin 25mg capsules
Dosulepin 75mg Tablets
Dosulepin Caps 25mg
Dosulepin Tabs 75mg
Doxazosin Tabs 1mg
Doxazosin Tabs 2mg
Doxazosin Tabs 4mg
Doxycycline Caps 100mg
Doxycycline Caps 50mg

Emulsifying Oint 500g
Enalapril 10mg tabs
Enalapril 2.5mg tabs
Enalapril 20mg tabs
Enalapril 5mg tabs
Enalapril Maleate Tabs 10mg
Enalapril Maleate Tabs 2.5mg
Enalapril Maleate Tabs 20mg
Enalapril Maleate Tabs 5mg
Ephedrine 1% nasal drops 10ml
Ephedrine Hydrochloride 50 mg 1ml
Ephedrine Hydrochloride AMP 30mg/10ml 10ml
Ephedrine Hydrochloride AMP 30mg/ml 1ml
Erythromycin FILMTABS 250mg
Ethanolamine Oleate BP AMP 5%w/v 2ml
Ethanolamine Oleate BP AMP 5%w/v 5ml
Ethinylestradiol 10mcg tablets
Ethinylestradiol 1mg tablets
Ethinylestradiol 50mcg tablets
Ethosuximide 250mg caps

Famciclovir TABLETS 250mg
Famciclovir TABLETS 500mg
Felodipine Tabs 10mg
Felodipine Tabs 5mg
Fentanyl Citrate 50mcg/ml amp 10ml
Fentanyl Citrate AMP 50mcg/ml 2ml
Ferrous Sulphate Tabs 200mg
Finasteride Tabs 5mg
Flecainide Acetate TABLETS 100mg
Flecainide Acetate TABLETS 50mg
Flucloxacillin Caps 250mg
Flucloxacillin Caps 500mg
Fluorescein Sodium 20% 5ml inj
Fluorescein Sodium 25% 5ml inj
Fluorescein Sodium 5% inj 5ml
Fluoxetine Solution 20mg/5ml
Folic Acid Tabs 5mg
Frusemide AMP 10mg/ml 2ml
Frusemide AMP 10mg/ml 5ml
Furosemide 250mg/25ml inj
Furosemide 500mg tabs
Furosemide TABLETS 40mg
Furosemide Tabs 20mg

Glibenclamide 5mg tabs
Gliclazide Tabs 80mg
Glucose Injection AMP 50% 20ml
Glucose Injection AMP 50% 50ml
Glucose Intravenous Infusion AMP 20%w/v 20ml
Glucose Intravenous Infusion AMP 50%w/v 20ml
Glucose Intravenous Infusion AMP 50%w/v 50ml
Glycerin BP 200ml
Glycerol BP SUPPOSITORY Infant 1G
Glyceryl Trinitrate 600mcg tabs
Glyceryl Trinitrate Tabs 500mcg
Glyceryl Trinitrate VIAL 1mg/ml 50ml
Glycopyrronium Bromide AMP 0.2mg/ml 1ml
Granisetron TABLETS 1mg
Griseofulvin TABS 125mg
Griseofulvin TABS 500mg

Homatrophine BP EYE DROP 1%w/v 10ml
Homatrophine BP EYE DROP 2%w/v 10ml
Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg TABLETS
Hydrocortisone 1% cream 15g
Hydrocortisone 1% ointment 15g
Hydrocortisone BPC EYE OINTMENT 0.5%w/w 3g
Hydrocortisone BPC EYE OINTMENT 1%w/w 3g
Hydrocortisone BPC EYE OINTMENT 2.5%w/w 3g
Hydrocortisone TABLETS 10mg
Hydrocortisone TABLETS 20mg
Hydroxocobalamin INJECTION 1mg/1ml
Hyoscine Hydrobromide BP AMP 400mcg/ml 1ml
Hyoscine Hydrobromide BP AMP 600mcg/ml 1ml
Hypromellose BPC EYE DROP 0.3%w/v 10ml
Hypromellose Eye Drops BPC 0.3%

Ibuprofen 400mg tabs
Ibuprofen 600mg tabs
Ibuprofen Tabs 200mg
Imipramine 25mg Tablets
Imipramine Tabs 10mg
Indometacin Caps 50mg
Indomethacin 100mg supps
Isosorbide Dinitrate 10mg Tablets
Isosorbide Mononitrate Tabs 10mg
Isosorbide Mononitrate Tabs 20mg
Isosorbide Mononitrate Tabs 40mg
Isosorbide Mononitrate Tabs 60mg XL

Lamotrigine Dispersible TABLETS 100mg
Lamotrigine Dispersible TABLETS 25mg
Lamotrigine Dispersible TABLETS 5mg
Lamotrigine TABLETS 100mg
Lamotrigine TABLETS 200mgg
Lamotrigine TABLETS 25mg
Lamotrigine TABLETS 50mg
Lansoprazole CAPSULES 15mg
Lansoprazole CAPSULES 30mg
Levothyroxine Sodium TABLETS 100mcg
Levothyroxine Sodium TABLETS 25mcg
Levothyroxine Sodium TABLETS 50mcg
Lidocaine 0.5% injection 10ml
Lidocaine Gel 2% 30ml
Lidocaine Hyd. Injection AMP 1% 10ml
Lidocaine Hyd. Injection AMP 1% 20ml
Lidocaine Hyd. Injection AMP 1% 2ml
Lidocaine Hyd. Injection AMP 1% 5ml
Lidocaine Hyd. Injection AMP 2% 20ml
Lidocaine Hyd. Injection AMP 2% 2ml
Lidocaine Hyd. Injection AMP 2% 5ml
Lidocaine Hyd. Injection VIAL 1% 20ml
Lidocaine Hyd. Injection VIAL 2% 20ml
Lidocaine Hydrochloride AMP 0.5%w/v 10ml
Lidocaine Hydrochloride AMP 1%w/v 10ml
Lidocaine Hydrochloride AMP 1%w/v 20ml
Lidocaine Hydrochloride AMP 1%w/v 2ml
Lidocaine Hydrochloride AMP 1%w/v 5ml
Lidocaine Hydrochloride AMP 2%w/v 2ml
Lidocaine Hydrochloride AMP 2%w/v 5ml
Lidocaine Hydrochloride&Phenylephrine NASAL SPRY 5%&0.5% 2.5ml
Lisinopril TABLETS 20mg
Lisinopril TABLETS 5mg
Lisinopril Tabs 10/12.5mg HCT
Lisinopril Tabs 10mg
Lisinopril Tabs 2.5mg
Lisinopril Tabs 20/12.5mg HCT
Lofepramine Tabs 70mg
Loperamide Caps 2mg
Lorazepam TABLETS 1mg
Lorazepam Tabs 2.5mg
Lidocaine Hydrochloride AMP 2%w/v 5ml

Magnesium Sulphate 10% amp 20ml
Magnesium Sulphate AMP 10%w/v 10ml
Magnesium Sulphate AMP 1g/2ml(50%) 2ml
Magnesium Sulphate AMP 2.5g/5ml(50%) 5ml
Magnesium Sulphate AMP 4g/20ml(20%) 20ml
Magnesium Sulphate AMP 5g/10ml(50%) 10ml
Magnesium Sulphate Paste
Mebendazole TABLETS 100mg
Mebeverine TABLETS 135mg
Meloxicam Tabs 15mg
Meloxicam Tabs 7.5mg
Metformin Tabs 500mg
Metformin Tabs 850mg
Methadone Injection BP AMP 10mg/ml 1ml
Methadone Injection BP AMP 10mg/ml 2ml
Methadone Injection BP AMP 10mg/ml 3.5ml
Methadone Injection BP AMP 10mg/ml 5ml
Methadone Mixture DTF LIQUID 1mg/ml 500ml
Methadone Mixture DTF Sugar Free LIQUID 1mg/ml 500ml
Methyldopa TABLETS 125mg
Methylene Blue USP AMP 1%w/v 10ml
Metoclopramide Injection AMP 5mg/ml 2ml
Metoclopramide TABLETS 10mg
Metoprolol Tabs 100mg
Metoprolol Tabs 50mg
Midazolam Injection AMP 10mg 2ml
Midazolam Injection AMP 10mg 5ml
Midazolam Injection AMP 2mg 2ml
Midazolam Injection AMP 50mg 10ml
Midazolam Injection AMP 5mg 5ml
Midazolam VIAL 100mg/50ml 50ml
Midazolam VIAL 50mg/50ml 50ml
Midrid Capsules
Mirtazapine TABLETS 30mg
Mirtazapine TABLETS 45mg
Morphine Injection AMP 10mg 1ml
Morphine Oral Solution LIQUID 10mg/5ml 100ml
Morphine Oral Solution LIQUID 10mg/5ml 300ml
Morphine Oral Solution LIQUID 10mg/5ml 500ml
Morphine Sulphate BP AMP 10mg/ml 1ml
Morphine Sulphate BP AMP 15mg/ml 1ml
Morphine Sulphate BP AMP 20mg/ml 1ml
Morphine Sulphate BP AMP 30mg/ml 1ml
Morphine Sulphate BP SUPPOSITORY 15mg 12
Morphine Sulphate BP SUPPOSITORY 30mg 12
Morphine Sulphate INJ 10mg 1ml AMP
Morphine Sulphate SUPPOSITORY 10mg 12
Morphine Sulphate SUPPOSITORY 20mg 12
Morphine Sulphate VIAL 100mg/50ml 50ml
Morphine Sulphate VIAL 50mg/50ml 50ml
Mycophenolate 250mg Caps
Mycophenolate 500mg Caps

Naloxone Hydrochloride PFS 2mg/2ml 2ml
Naloxone Injection AMP 400mcg 1ml
Naproxen Tabs 250mg EC
Naproxen Tabs 500mg EC
Neostigmine Injection AMP 2.5mg 1ml
Nicardipine CAPSULES 20mg
Nicardipine CAPSULES 30mg
Nitrazepam Tabs 5mg
Nizatidine Caps 300mg

Ofloxacin TABLETS 200mg
Ofloxacin TABLETS 400mg
Oily Cream / Hydrous Ointment 500g
Oily Phenol AMP 5%w/v 2ml
Oily Phenol AMP 5%w/v 5ml
Oily Phenol VIAL 5%w/v 25ml
Omeprazole Caps 20mg
Omeprazole Caps 40mg
Omeprazole CAPSULES 20mg
Ondansetron AMP 4mg/ml 2ml
Ondansetron AMP 8mg/ml 2ml
Ondansetron INJECTION 2mg/ml 2ml
Ondansetron INJECTION 2mg/ml 4ml
Ondansetron TABLETS 4mg
Ondansetron TABLETS 8mg
Oxcarbazepine 150mg tablets
Oxcarbazepine 300mg Tablets
Oxcarbazepine 600mg tablets
Oxybutynin Tabs 2.5mg
Oxytetracycline Tabs 250mg

Pantoprazole TABLETS 20mg
Pantoprazole TABLETS 40mg
Paracetamol Caplets 500mg
Paracetamol Capsules 500mg
Paracetamol Soluble Tabs 500mg
Paracetamol SUPPOSITORY 120mg
Paracetamol SUPPOSITORY 240mg 10
Paracetamol SUPPOSITORY 500mg 10
Paracetamol TABLETS 500mg
Paracetamol Tabs 500mg
Paracetamol Tabs 20mg
Paracetamol Tabs 30mg
Penicillin V Oral Solution 125mg/5ml 100ml S.F.
Penicillin V Oral Solution 250mg/5ml 100ml S.F.
Penicillin VK TABLETS 250mg
Penicillin VK Tabs 250mg
Pethidine BP AMP 10mg/ml 10ml
Pethidine BP AMP 10mg/ml 5ml
Pethidine BP AMP 50mg/ml 1ml
Pethidine BP AMP 50mg/ml 2ml
Pethidine BP TABLET 50mg
Phenobarbital Sodium BP 100g
Phenobarbital TABLETS 15mg
Phenobarbital TABLETS 30mg
Phenobarbital TABLETS 60mg
Phenobarbitone Sodium BP AMP 15mg/ml 1ml
Phenobarbitone Sodium BP AMP 200mg/ml 1ml
Phenobarbitone Sodium BP AMP 30mg/ml 1ml
Phenobarbitone Sodium BP AMP 60mg/ml 1ml
Phenylephrine BPC EYE DROP 10%w/v 10ml
Pilocarpine BP EYE DROP 1%w/v 10ml
Pilocarpine BP EYE DROP 2%w/v 10ml
Pilocarpine BP EYE DROP 3%w/v 10ml
Pizotifen TABLETS 0.5mg
Pizotifen TABLETS 1.5mg
Potassium Acid Phosphate AMP 10mmol 10ml
Potassium Chloride AMP 10%w/v 10ml
Potassium Chloride AMP 15%w/v 10ml
Potassium Chloride AMP 20%w/v 10ml
Potassium Chloride AMP 20%w/v 5ml
Potassium Phosphate AMP 10mmol 5ml
Potassium Phosphate AMP 20mmol 10ml
Prednisolone EC 2.5mg tabs
Prednisolone EC 5mg tabs
Prednisolone soluble 5mg tabs
Prednisolone TABLETS 1mg
Prednisolone TABLETS 5mg
Procaine Hydrochloride AMP 2ml
Prochlorperazine TABLETS 5mg
Procyclidine TABLETS 5mg
Promazine 25mg tabs
Promazine 50mg tabs
Propranolol Tabs 10mg
Propranolol Tabs 40mg

Quinine Sulphate TABLETS 300mg

Ramipril Caps 1.25mg
Ramipril Caps 10mg
Ramipril Caps 2.5mg
Ramipril Caps 5mg
Risperidone LIQUID 1mg/ml 100ml
Risperidone TABLETS 0.5mg
Risperidone TABLETS 1mg
Risperidone TABLETS 2mg
Risperidone TABLETS 3mg
Risperidone TABLETS 4mg
Risperidone TABLETS 6mg

Salbutamol 2mg tabs
Salbutamol 4mg tabs
Senna Tabs 7.5mg
Sertraline Tabs 100mg
Sertraline Tabs 50mg
Simple Eye Ointment
Simvastatin Tabs 10mg
ASimvastatin Tabs 20mg
Simvastatin Tabs 80mg
Sodium Bicarbonate 500mg caps
Sodium Bicarbonate BP AMP 8.4%w/v 10ml
Sodium Bicarbonate EAR DROPS 10ml BP
Sodium chloride 5.85%  sterile solution
Sodium Chloride BP AMP 0.9%w/v 10ml
Sodium Chloride BP AMP 0.9%w/v 20ml
Sodium Chloride BP AMP 0.9%w/v 2ml
Sodium Chloride BP AMP 0.9%w/v 50ml
Sodium Chloride BP AMP 0.9%w/v 5ml
Sodium Chloride BP AMP 30%w/v 10ml
Sodium Chloride BP EYE DROP 0.9%w/v 10ml
Sodium Chloride Injection AMP 0.9% 10ml
Sodium Chloride Injection AMP 0.9% 2ml
Sodium Chloride Injection AMP 0.9% 5ml
Sodium Chloride Injection VIAL 0.9% 50ml
Sodium Cromoglicate Eye Drops
Sodium Valproate EC TABLETS 500mg
Sotalol 80mg tabs
Sotalol Tabs 160mg
Sotalol Tabs 40mg
Sprironolactone TABLETS 100mg
Sprironolactone TABLETS 25mg
Sprironolactone TABLETS 50mg
Sterile Potassium Chloride Solution AMP 15% 10ml
Sterile Potassium Chloride Solution AMP 20% 5ml
Sulphasalazine Tabs 500mg
Sumatriptan Tabs 100mg
Surgical Spirit BP

Temazepam TABLETS 10mg
Temazepam TABLETS 20mg
Terbinafine Tabs 250mg
Tetracycline 250mg TABLETS
Tetracycline hcl 500mg capsules
Ticlopidine Hcl 250mg tabs
Timolol EYE DROP 0.25%w/v 5ml
Timolol EYE DROP 0.5%w/v 5ml
Tolbutamide Tabs 500mg
Tramadol Caps 50mg
Tranexamic Acid TABLETS 500mg
Trihexyphenidyl 5mg tabs
Trimethoprim 100mg tablets
Trimethoprim 200mg Tablets
Trimethoprim 50mg SUSPENSION

Verapamil TABLETS 40mg
Vitamin A & D caps
Vitamin B Co Strong Tabs
Vitamin B Co Tabs
Vitamin B Compound strong tabs

Warfarin Tabs 1mg
Warfarin Tabs 3mg
Warfarin Tabs 5mg
Water for Injection AMP 10ml
Water for Injection AMP 2ml
Water for Injection AMP 5ml
Water for Injection VIAL 100ml
Water for Injection VIAL 10ml
Water For Injections BP AMP 10ml
Water For Injections BP AMP 1ml
Water For Injections BP AMP 2ml
Water For Injections BP AMP 5ml
White Soft Paraffin 500g